Pennsylvania army
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Hampton Battery B
The 107th Field Artillery traces its lineage to the Civil War through Hampton Battery F.
Captain Robert B. Hampton is the first 107th FA Battery Commander.
September 28th, 1891 Captain Alfred E. Hunt Commanding Battery B, N, G and P of the
Pennsylvania National Guard  wrote a letter in behalf of the officers and men of Battery B to
Hampton Battery Veteran Association, requesting Battery B be allowed to adopt the name
“Hampton Battery.” The request was granted October 9th, 1891 to Battery B, Second Brigade
of the National Guard located in Pittsburgh Pa.
Battery B, “Hampton Battery” of the Pennsylvania National Guard in the past and present time
has continued the proud military record that was passed on to them by the veterans of the
Original Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Hampton's Battery F…
1st Battalion - 107th Field Artillery
M119A2 Towed Howitzer
Light Lethal and Deployable
M119 (105mm)
M119A2 being used in the Iraq War
155mm Paladin used Prior to the M119
by the 107th Field Artillery.
M2A1 (M101A1 ) 105mm Towed Howitzer
was the standard field howitzer after
1941.  Photo by Jamie Abel
Commander, Major Scott North
Headquarters & Headquarters
~ New Castle, Pa.
Battery A "Alfa Battery"
Commanding, Captain Steven Palmer
Hermitage, Pa.
Battery B "Bravo Battery"
Commanding, Captain Joshua Bean
Oil City, Pa.
107th Field Artillery Memorial
French M1897 75mm
World War I
Commander of the 107th Field
Hampton's Battery F
1861 - 1865
1861 - 2011
History of the 107th Field Artillery
Pennsylvania National Guard
History of the Crest
107th Field Artillery
History of Hunt Armory
Captain Alfred E. Hunt
Hampton Battery Monument
Photo by Tom McAdams
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The 28th Infantry Division
Service for 2011.
1st Battalion - 108th Field Artillery
56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team
2nd Brigade Combat Team
US Army National Guard
28th Infantry Division
108th FA Night Fire
Firebase Mayhem, Iraq.
The Gettysburg Armory
Bravo Battery has moved
55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team
1st Battalion - 109th Field Artillery
109th Field Artillery
Bravo Battery in Iraq
109th Field Artillery
Bravo Battery in Kuwait
108th Field Artillery
Photo by Capt Ed Shank
First Fire Mission
109th Field Artillery
Photo by Capt Ed Shank
South Mountain
Bravo's new Readiness Center
Captain Neil Ravitz
New Commander of Battery A
"Alfa Battery"
Lt. Col. Scott A. Mathan
New Commander of the
109th Field Artillery
Kingston Armory
109th FA Headquarters
Special Announcements
The 2011 Artillery Ball of the 1-107th
Field Artillery honored the
150th Anniversary of Hampton
Battery B. This event has been held at
the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
Predeployment Training
2008 B Battery
Bravo Battery
This page is an unofficial military site. It is of my own interest in the
Pennsylvania National Guard and their Artillery that I post this information.
5th Battalion 81st Field Artillery
Airborne Battalion 1970 - 1972
8th Division

C Battery    Specialist  E - 4    Robert J. Brown
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LTC  Darryl Bertani
Commander of the
108th Field Artillery
Alfa Battery
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Hunt Armory, Emersom St. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Battery B "Bravo Battery" has moved to a new location in
Oil City, Pa.