Chancellorsville To Gettysburg
June 13th - July 2, 1863
On Saturday, June 13th the batteries started their movement north at #1. Falmouth, Va.
Stafford Court House Va. 10 miles.
Dumfries Va. 16 miles.
#4. Near
Fairfax Court House set up camp, Va. 24 miles.
C and F under the command of the 1st Reserve Artillery Brigade was ordered to march
and was later countermanded.
From Fairfax to
Ball's Bluff, Va. 27 miles.
#5. Crossed the Potomac at
Edwards Ferry, Va. Two - 1,400 foot pontoon bridges.
#6. Marched to
Frederick City, Va. 30 miles.
*Bonneauville, 20 miles ? as listed. The name of this town is in Pa.
#7. July, 1st arrived at
Tanytown, MD. 8 miles.
#8. July, 2 nd arrived at Gettysburg, Pa. 13 miles.

From Captain Thompson's written note Oct. 3, 1898 and from Hampton's Battery F
"History Book." Note - Their is some discrepancies found, on going changes being made.
Sergeant Patrick Heffernan
Sergeant George Ritchie
Private William W. Dalmas
Private Washington Bassett
Private Amos Baxter
Corporal  William T. Phillis
Corporal William A. Borden
Private Townsend Adams
Private Charles B. Bullock
Private Samuel Creese
Private Frank Krome
Private William G. Lafferty
Private John Tetley
Private Thomas Frank
Private William Young
Private Jacob Keirsh
Private Edward E. Jones
Private Cornelius D. Rupert
Private Jonas Smith
Private William A. Tuner
Private Edmund J. Wilkins
Private Horace S. Crofut
Private John Young
*On the 3rd of June, 1863, Lieutenant Fleming, and on June 26th, Lieutenant Harbours resigned.
*Robert Paul, First Sergeant was promoted to Second Lieutenant to fill the vacancy.
*Due to the death of Captain Hampton, Lieutenant Irish was promoted to Captain on the 26th.
*At Gettysburg, Captain Irish would become Aid to Lieutenant Colonel McGilvery.
Chancellorsville Aftermath
*On June 3, 1863, Batteries C and F -Thompson's and Hampton's - having become so reduced in
numbers as to be unable to man all their guns was consolidated under the command of Captain James
*Batteries C & F was placed under the command of the Reserve Artillery, Army of the
Potomac.*Commanded by General R. O. Tyer.
*Twenty-four men of the Hampton Battery were "temporarily" assign to Battery " H " First Ohio
Artillery under Captain Huntington, as follows: