Hampton's Battery F
James Dennison
William Dennison
~ History of two brothers ~
By Tom Powers
Orginal Members OF Hampton Battery F
Ancestors Information
Captain  Robert B. Hampton
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The Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pa. would be a good source of
information about Hampton Battery F in the Civil War.
Also, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa.
The paper back or hard cover called "History of  Hampton Battery F " is a
good source of information on Hampton Battery F.
Compiled by William Clark who was in Hampton Battery F throughout
the Civil War.
~ Also ~
The paper back book called "The McClelland Civil War Letters" is a great  
source of information. Sergeant John McClelland was in the original
Hampton Battery F during the Civil War and wrote letters about his
experiences plus that of others and the Battery.
Thanks to Betty Dodds for letting me know about this book.
Betty is the author of the book.
Captain of Hampton's Battery F Inc.
October 1861 to October 1864
James is Thomas Powers
great granduncle.
November 1861 to June 1865
William is Thomas Powers
great granduncle.
October 8, 1861 to May 3, 1863
Captain Robert B. Hampton is
Retired Lt. Col. Greg Hampton's
great-great uncle.
~ Our Honorary Captain ~
William Dennison
* First enlisted in Thompson's Independent Battery C Light Artillery on
November 6, 1861 as a Corporal. Mustered out of Battery C on
November 22, 1862 from wounds received at Antietam, Maryland.
* June 16, 1863 mustered into Tyler's Independent Battery Heavy
Artillery organized at Pittsburgh, Pa. He was on duty at Harper's Ferry
and other points in the Department of West Virginia. Mustered out as a
sergeant from Tyler's on January 28, 1864. The uniform he is wearing is
from Tyler's Battery showing his stripes in the photo.
* From February 23, 1864 to June 26, 1865 William was with Hampton's
Battery F as a private.
* It appears after the Civil War William was blinded in an industrial
accident around 1874 but details are sketchy and unconfirmed.
James Dennison
* Enlisted in Hampton's Independent Battery F Light Artillery on
October 8, 1861 to October 8,1864.
* On the back of his photo is written, that he's is with the Third
Regiment, First Veteran Army Corps in Washington City. I haven't
been able to find records of the wounds that had him  in the VAC.
* James died at Camp Butler in Springfield, Illinois most likely of  
war wound and was buried in Pittsburgh