US Field Artillery
This photo is a battery of Parrott Rifles drilling at Ringgold Georgia. The first guns issued to Hampton
Battery F was the Model 1861. The Parrott Rifle is easily recognized by the reinforcing band around
the breech. It was well documented that the Battery had no difficulty hitting its targets over one  mile in a
very short time with the 2.9 inch Parrott Rifle.
American Revolutionary War  
1775 - 1783
Henry Knox Was commissioned Colonel and placed  in charge of the Artillery
Alexander Hamilton
The first Artillery Captain in the Provincial Artillery
The American Civil War
1861 - 1865
Pennsylvania Artillery Batteries
Listing Of All Batteries
Introduction To Civil War
US Artillery
Battle of Treton December 26,1778
Oxen was used to pull cannons.
Battery Equipment
Information on equipment  used by the Battery during the Civil War.
Field Artillery Battery
Positions And Duties
To The Sounds Of The Guns
A Tale Of Two Parrotts
Developed in 1894 by the French and was in widespread service during World
War I and into World War II.
The US Army adopted the French 75mm field gun and manufactured them during
World War I  and kept a large inventory of the gun after WWI.
During the 1930's many of these field guns were equipped with rubber tires. "The
age of the horse - drawn artillery was over."
French ~ 75mm  M1897 Field Gun
This photo is often used on web sites but seldom explained about one of the officers.
These are officers of Battery A, 2nd US Artillery in camp near Fair Oaks, June 1, 1862.
From left to right, 2nd Lt Robert Clark,
Captain John C. Tidball
1st Lt William Dennison, 1st Lt Alexander Pennington.
New Artillery
Museum at Fort Sill
Fort Sill ~ Key Gate
Fort Sill ~ Oklahoma
Breech - loading field cannon
Field of Thunder Museum
1885 ~ 3.2 Field Gun
M101A1 ~ 105mm Howitzer
Fort Sill Half Section
75 mm Field Gun
Brigadier General Edmund L. Gruber
The Caissons Go Rolling Along
The Caisson Song
Written in 1908
The speed,accuracy and devastating power of American Artillery won
confidence and admiration from the troops it supported and inspired fear and
respect in their enemy.
General Dwight D. Eisenower
Field Artillery Association
Field Artillery are referred to as Redlegs.
Alexander Hamilton  Uniform of the New York Battery
5th Battalion 81st Field Artillery
Airborne Battalion 1970 - 1972
8th Infantry Division

C~Battery    Specialist  E - 4    Robert J. Brown
Click on 8th Division Shoulder Patch !
Hampton's Battery F