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Hampton's Battery F  is now under control of it's own
Our website has been greatly improved because of this.
I hope you enjoy our style of presenting a Civil War
Reenacting Organization.
Captain Robert Brown
Commanding Hampton's Battery F
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February 20, 2011
This year Hampton's Battery F will be working in conjunction with The Mason - Dixon
Regiment. Both organizations share the same goals and practice the same Artillery Drill on the
cannon. It has been a pleasure working with a few of their members in the past and I'm confident
this arrangement will be both beneficial and rewarding to our organizations.
Captain Robert Brown
Commanding Hampton's Battery F
Thank You Notes 2011
I would like to thank all those that has donated items made of aluminum. This helps to defray the
growing cost of our free school programs and attending all related events.
Those that has donated - Ron Ripka of Pleasant Gap Pa., Paul and Barb Galloway of Pottstown Pa. In
the Penns Valley area, (our area) - Rufus Balban, Bob Bowersox and Ed Biddle.
From Sharon Stec at Our Lady of Victory
School in State College, Pa. 2011
Thank You Note 10/2011
My thanks goes out to the America Legion Post 444 for paying my 2012 dues
and for their donation to the Battery. Also the "Get Well Cards" from other
Batteries and the support from the Artillery Reserves.
Most of all, the support from our members and friend.
Captain Robert Brown
On July 14, I've had major surgery done on my left ankle again. Back in the
hospital on August 18th with infection. I'm up and about today (8/29//11) on
my own. Finally back to work (11/28/11) it feels good to be back on the job.
Not up to running yet...
Captain Robert Brown
Thank You Note 12/2011
The Brown family would like to personally thank the members
of The Artillery Reserves for their gracious gift in a time of need.
Also to Coopers Battery B for your gift that was in with the
Christmas card you sent us.
Civil War Soldiers Fair
Pittsburgh 2003
Hampton's Battery F is the first to fire a full size cannon at the
Soldiers' & Sailors' Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thank you card is dated 2001
Soldiers & Sailors' Memorial Hall
Believe it or not, you decide.
Battery M
First Illinois Light Artillery
You can purchase a reprint of this book,
"History of Hampton Battery F" during the
Civil War at
Barnes & Noble
New Tow Truck ~ Dodge 08 4x4
~ Big Horn with Hemi ~
Old Tow Truck ~ Dodge Ram ~
1999 4x4
224,100 Miles !
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Hampton's Battery F Membership Hat
Purchased only by the membership at this time.
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MAY 27, 2013
March 24, 2013
Hampton's Battery F
Dry Run, Pa. Oct 6, 2007
11 September 2001 ~ 11 September 2016