Photo Gallery
Hampton's Battery Member Darryl Bertani has been
stationed in Iraq and is pictured above with Oliver North.
Nittany Antique Machinery Association at Penns Cave, Pa.
The Gathering at French Creek in Union City, Pa.
Hampton's Number 1 Gun and Cushing - Taylor's Gun
Photo courtesy of Cushing - Taylor's Battery
Darna and Gary Michie
From Washington State was our guest at
the 146 Gettysburg Anniversary.
Ralph Lincoln as President Lincoln
Ligonier Parade
No. 1 Gun Detachment
Jimmy Brown, Chuck Friedly, Jared Friedly, Tom
Gressman, Dane Whatule, Don Lacombe, Barry Harvey and
Bugler, Greg Sweney
McMillan House on April 30, 2011
Gettysburg 150th Anniversary
Invasion of Pennsylvanis
South side where the stone wall meets the post and rail fence.
McMillan House
On Seminary Ridge
McMillan House
Apple Orchard Update
USMC Colonel Doug Douds, left of picture
South side of the McMillan House
Our appreciation goes out to Colonel Doug Douds for
allowing Hampton's Battery F to set up it's gun position at
the McMillan House. Also the Boys from the Mason - Dixon
Regiment for filling in on the gun crew.
Fort Ligonier Days
Parade October 12
DelGrosso's Harvestfest
September 28~29, 2013
March 24, 2013
Supporting our local Communities
Hill held at Spring Mills, Pa.
Every year we fire our gun to start the race.
Photos of Captain Greg Hampton and at that time,
Private Jimmy Brown.
Sunken Road, also called The Bloody Lane
Antietam Battle Field
Greg Hampton's Staff Ride
Military Staff Ride  May 3, 2000
This trip to Antietam was an annual military staff ride event for the
Australian Army. It offers military personnel  the opportunity to study Civil
War battles on the ground where they were fought. Each participant plays
the role of a key leader or personality - they do significant homework and
are asked to resolve the same leadership and military thinking just like
historical figures did.
At The Bloody Lane
Photos sent to us, courtesy of
Lori Lefkowitzer
Hampton's Battery F Monument
Peach Orchard, Gettysburg Pa.
Private, Roy Bohn * Sergeant, Barry Harvey * Sergeant, Greg Sweeney
Thank you for honoring Hampton's Battery
F at their Monument on Remembrance Day.
Captain Robert Brown
Remembrance Day at Gettysburg, Pa.
November 17th, 2012
This year it's still Winter with
snow arriving tomorrow 3" to 5"
maybe more!
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
State College, Pa.
May 13, 2013
148th PVI Co. C
Our Memorial Day Service
May 26th, 2013
Penns Valley Area
Hampton's Battery F
American Legion Post 444
Special Events of Hampton's Battery F In Past Years
McMillan House
Gettysburg, Pa.
150th Anniversary
July  4 ~ 7
High Water Mark
Pickett's Charge
1st Battalion, 107th Field Artillery
Battalion Flag
Hampton's Battery F
Sergeant Barry Harvey * Corporal Jimmy Brown
Gettysburg Campground