Captain Hampton’s Challenge Coin
Captain Hampton will begin issuing challenge coins starting July 2006 to qualifying members of The
Hampton’s Battery F. The first criteria to receive this honor you must first be a full member in good
standing and have been active in the unit for at least one year. Secondly, military members who have
demonstrated their dedication and proficiency to the First Sergeant and the Commander will be entitled
to be recognized and a recipient of the coin from Captain Hampton. Thirdly, civilian members must be
active and full members who have demonstrated their faithful resolve by serving the soldier of Hampton’s
Battery F over a one-year period. Fourthly, individuals not of Hampton's Battery F that have provided
exceptional service and are nominated by a majority vote of the membership may be recognized and
receive a coin from Captain Hampton. All recipients of the Hampton’s Battery F challenge coin are
bound by the following rules of ownership: All recipients must maintain the Hampton’s Battery coin in
their possession at any and all meetings of the Battery. Any recipient may (with no notice) request other
recipients to produce the Hampton’s Battery coin by a physical coin challenge (provided the challenger
produces his or her Hampton’s Battery coin as a precursor). If said challenge is not met with a physical
demonstration of the recipient’s coin, the disgraced recipient will honor all in the surrounding locality
(defines as within 30 rods) with a libation of his or her choosing.
* Muddy pond water not included
By orders of Captain, Greg Hampton
Presented to Hampton's Battery F
'The Pittsburgh Battery'
Behalf of the 107th Field Artillery Nov. 8, 2001
Paladin Ceremony at the United Defence Ground Systems in York, Pa.
Presented to Hampton's Battery F
'The Pittsburgh Battery'
On behalf of the Australian Army
By Brigadier Damian Roche, Australian Military Attache, Washington DC
Major Derryl Bertani presenting the above document
to Captain Greg Hampton of Hampton's Battery F.
Event held at West Overton Museums
Scottdale, Pa. July 23, 2006
Hampton's Battery F ~ Article on Page 12-13
By Tom Huntington
Hampton's Battery F ~ 2005 Article on pages 6-7
Before the Battle of Gettysburg
Photos of Members and Gun Crew Firing
Hampton's Battery F ~ 2001
Is the first to successfully place and  fire a full scale cannon
on the front lawn of the Soldiers & Sailors National Military
Museum & Memorial in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hampton's Battery F
Captain Robert J. Brown
~ Receiving The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara ~
Presented by Lt. Col. Grey D. Berrier II
Commander of the 1st Battalion - 107th Pennsylvania
National Guard Field Artillery.
Event held at West Overton Museums
Scottdale, Pa. July 23, 2006
Captain Greg Hampton
Presenting Challenge Coin to
Corporal Jimmy Brown
Captain Greg Hampton
Presenting Challenge Coin to
Sergeant Sam Foster
Captain Greg Hampton
Presenting Challenge Coin to
Major Darryl Bertani
Captain Robert Brown
Presenting Challenge Coin to
Private James Foster
I wish to Thank both past and present members for your dedication. Without such members, none of this
would have been accomplished.
Soon, it will be up to the next generation to continue educating the public about the History of Hampton
Battery F and the U.S. Field Artillery.
Captain Robert Brown
Monessen Christmas Parade
Honoring Captain Robert B. Hampton
Karen and Captain Greg
Hampton, a direct decedent of
Captain Robert B. Hampton.
Left is Grant Gerlich curator of
West Overton Museums.
Major Grey Berrrier II of the 1st Battalion 107th Field Artillery
Presented to each individual at Camp Seph Mack during the
Laurel Highlands Council Fall Camporee Sept. 22, 2012
Our learning station for the Boy Scouts was about the Artillery
and firing a cannon during the Civil War.
Hampton's Battery F
New For 2015
The Artilleryman
Vol. 35, No. 1 Winter 2013
Correction, the portrait is now located in Oil City at Bravo Battery's new Armory
The Artilleryman ~ Vol. 35, No. 1 Winter 2013
Cover by Jack Melton
The Order of Saint Barbara Medallion is to be worn only at formal military
ceremony according to military traditions.
Also to be worn only at Artillery functions such as, Saint Barbara's Day
celebration, Artillery Ball or Artillery Dinings-In and Dinings-Out.
C Battery
Specialist E-4
Robert J. Brown
During the Re-Dedication of Captain Robert B. Hampton grave marker, this document of
Congratulations was  presented to Hampton's Battery F Inc by Grant Gerlich.
The Senate of Pennsylvania on July, 2005 officially recognize Captain Robert Hampton sacrifice
to his country during the Civil War. Also to Hampton's Battery F for their dedication during the
Civil War and as Honor Guard to lead President Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession from the
White House.