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Daily Schedule
PA National Guard & Battery B
5:50 AM - Assembly of Buglers for Reveille (First Call)

6:00 AM - Reveille, Assemble for morning roll call.

6:15 AM - Stable Call, Report to water and feed the horses.

6:30 AM - Breakfast Call, (Mess Call)

7:00 AM - Sick Call, Soldiers report to the camp surgeon.

7:30 AM - Fatigue Call, Appointed work party report to their

10:00 AM - Drill, Assembly for practice on the cannons.

11:30 AM - Recall from Drill.

11:45 AM - Recall from Fatigue. Morning work parties where
to cease at the sound of this call.

12:00 Noon - Dinner Call (Mess Call) Dinner was main meal
of the day.

1:00 PM - Fatigue Call. Afternoon work parties.

1:30 PM - First Sergeant's Call. Company First Sergeant
where to report  to the post headquarters with their "Morning
Reports" on the number of their men sick in the hospital, on
guard duty, on drill or fatigue, or on special assignment.

2:00 PM - Mounted Drill. Limber Up for practice moving the

4:30 PM - Recall from Drill. Afternoon drill was to cease.

4:00 PM - Water and Stable Call. Horses received their
afternoon water and repeated the morning care of their horses.

5:00 PM - Recall form Fatigue. Afternoon work parties were
to cease .

6:00 PM - Retreat. The flag - lowering ceremony.

8:55 PM - Assembly of Buglers for Tattoo.

9:00 PM - Tattoo. Was to signal for the men to prepare for
bed and to secure the post.

9:05 PM - Assembly. Last roll call for the day.

9:15 PM - Taps. All lights were to be extinguished, all men to
be bedded down and all load talking was to cease.
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Captain, Greg Hampton - Present
Captain, Robert Brown - Present
Sergeant, Jimmy Brown - Present
Private, Darryl Bertani - on leave    
Private, Charles Biddle - Present
Private, Kariena Glisan - Present
Private, Trevor Glisan - Presen
Private, Gary Reigle - on leave

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