Captain James Thompson
James Thompson
Born May 8, 1821 in Down, Ireland
Enlisted in the Royal Regiment Artillery on May 16, 1844
Discharged from the Royal Artillery on June 30, 1856
Gunner and Driver
Home of The Royal Artillery  1716 - 2007
The Royal Horse Artillery
May 16, 1844 James Thompson enlisted in the Royal Regiment Artillery.
In 1846 James transferred to Nova Scotia.
In 1849 James transferred back to Woolwich, Dublin in Ireland.
December 22, 1849 James became a member in the Royal Black Watch, Ballynanich or it could be
Ballynahinch, Ireland.
February 2, 1850 James received a Degree of True Orangeman.
Fought in the Crimean War at the Battle of Balaklava on October 25, 1854 and was promoted for his
June 30, 1856 James was discharged from the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
In 1856 James emigrated to the United States.
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Information taken from a copy of History in the Family Tree.
James Thompson's obituary ~ March 14, 1906
This page is dedicated to James Thompson and The Royal Artillery.
I have always had an interest in James going back to the first
reenactment group portraying his Battery. At that time I was the one
of two people that was selected to find a Battery to reenact. My
recommendation  was Thompson Battery C
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