Welcome to the Website of Hampton's Battery F
Hampton’s Battery F was established in 1994 as a non-profit incorporation organization in
the state of Pennsylvania. This organization is design to portray the life of the common
soldier in the Union Artillery during the Civil War. Our Battery over the years has
participated in numerous programs such as educational presentations for schools, guided
tours, ceremonies, various living histories and Civil War reenactments. This Battery
enjoys being placed with other artillery units of the same stature to make up a six gun
Battery at events that Hampton's Battery F attends. This adds more realism in our camps
and adds excitement of a well fought battle especially at the much larger events such as
Gettysburg, Cedar Creek and Antietam. Our Battery uses a full scale privately owned
reproduction of a Model 1861 Ten-Pound Parrott Rifle and Limber.
Captain Greg Hampton saluting during a wreath laying ceremony at the Hampton Battery
Monument in the Peach Orchard, Gettysburg.
Greg is a direct descendant of Captain Robert B. Hampton who organized the Hampton
Battery F in Pittsburgh during 1861. Greg and Karen Hampton have recently retired and
now living in their new home in North Carolina. Greg continues to work part-time teaching
and leading battlefield staff rides.
Established in 1994
Captain Robert J. Brown
P.O. Box 46
Spring Mills, Pa. 16875
Email -  jwbrown@uplink.net
Telephone - (814) 349-8189
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Hampton's Battery F
Pennsylvania Independent Light
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Sergeant James Brown
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We would like to hear from the descendants of the men
that were in the original Hampton Battery F.
If you have any stories you wish to share or photos that
could be posted, we would be "honored" to do so. Also
if your looking for information pertaining to a certain
person, we would be glad to post your request.
Safety First, People Always
Captain Robert Brown
Web Master
Captain Robert Brown
Battery Information
Go to the Original Hampton's Battery F page and open the History
Book on the Battery to find information. We have no more
information other than what is posted on our web at this time.
Artillery Reserves
This Hampton's Battery F Inc fully supports the
Artillery Reserves. The Reserves Chief of Artillery
~ Colonel Jim Lynch ~ and Staff.
For further details visit our Affiliation Page.
This membership is very proud that Hampton's Battery F is a well regarded
unit especially in the Artillery by both Union and Confederate Forces. All of
us from Hampton's Battery F sincerely hopes that after viewing our web site,
it gives you the knowledge and interest that would make you consider joining
the Artillery and possibly Hampton's Battery F.
At this time, I would like thank our friends in the reenactment community
for their support over the years. See you on the battle fields and around our
camp fires.
Our Motto given to us by our Honorary Captain Greg Hampton with pride is;
(Droit et Advant ~ Right and Forward.) We honor those words in the spirit it
was given to this Battery.
Captain Robert Brown
Commanding Hampton's Battery F
The Pittsburgh Battery
~ Bulletin Board Postings ~
I would like to Thank Tracy Edward for her kind letter about
our website. I'm glad to hear her daughter "Annie" used our
website to gather information for her school project.
In kind, I will post a link about Clara Barton's role in the
Civil War. This is Posted under our Civil War Links.
Thank you again, Caption Robert Brown.
Sorry, but due to certain circumstances that has recently
occurred. Hampton's Battery F can't accept a member from
Civil War Rennactment Battery as our member also.
If any members has any questions please call or email.
Thank you, Captain Robert Brown.
Our thanks goes out to Tom Powers for sending us information
re-guarding his ancestors in Hampton's Battery F during the
Civil War. Also Tom sent us photos to be posted on the website
as well. Due to trouble making a new page for ancestors, I hope
to have one soon in 2017.
Also, our thanks goes out to John Steck re-guarding his
ancestor in Hampton's Battery F during the Civil War as well.
I will post more information for them right after my
vacation is over.
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It is very disappointing to have put hours of my time
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way. Please let me know if you can help.
Captain Robert Brown
Thank you! You are vistor #
May 3, 1863
Captain Robert B. Hampton died at
the Battle of Chancellorsville.
Hampton's Battery B
107th FA
November 12, 2016
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